Miriam connects with people. She loves figuring out what makes a customer tick and mapping out a cross-functional approach to make their hearts tick faster. Her customer might be a financial executive looking to protect their private business information or a 18-34 TV viewer who watches network shows on streaming platforms – Miriam consistently identifies the customer to power sales plans, marketing campaigns, content strategies, customer journey maps, and go-to-market strategies. That way, she drives awareness, launches products, and grows businesses.

Currently, Miriam heads up the marketing department at a privacy-focused tech startup where she oversaw a corporate rebrand, established product positioning, and relaunched the website. Previously, she spearheaded digital marketing and publicity efforts for network television shows; defined product launches and built sales curriculums for international high tech companies; and oversaw content production at a news site startup.

Miriam’s taking on the world, one customer’s heartbeat at a time.