Journalism & TV

Miriam’s writing has appeared in New York magazine, Los Angeles magazine, Brides and The Daily Beast, among other national publications. You can catch her episodes of Speechless on Hulu.

When Mental Illness Hurts Too Much To Talk About, December 2018

ABC Television 
M-A– MAY-JAY, Speechless, May 2017
Maya is excited to spend the summer with JJ, but he and Kenneth have other plans.

R-O–ROAD T-R–TRIP, Speechless, January 2017
The family goes on an annual impromptu family road trip.

Brides Magazine
The Name Game, August 2014
One Bride Shares the Story Behind Deciding Not to Change Her Name

Los Angeles magazine
Parents, Trapped, November 2011
The stars of NBC’s new comedy Up All Night have tiny tots at home—and act with tiny tots at work. Are they out of their minds?

Buzz Killer No More, September 2011
When early spoiler Web sites first revealed plotlines of America’s favorite TV shows, Hollywood balked. Now some producers see the sites as more friend than foe

Sweet Tweet, January 2011
All over Hollywood, storytellers like TV’s Shonda Rhimes are using Twitter to feed their hungry fans—and alter the balance of power

The Daily Beast
The Best Show Nobody’s Watching, November 2008
How I Met Your Mother should have been the next Friends. The actors are dedicated, the characters honest; the writers walk the fine line between comedy and sentimentality flawlessly. So what went wrong?

Dating David Frost, December 2008
The real Caroline Cushing Graham—who’s played by actress Rebecca Hall in the movie—talks to The Daily Beast about her romance with Frost, drinks with Richard Nixon, and what the movie gets wrong.

Adam Scott: Life of the Party, March 2009
He may play a Hollywood wannabe in the new Starz comedy Party Down, but in real life Adam Scott is moving up to romantic lead opposite an Academy Award-winning actress.

The Daily Show’s Rob Corddry, Friday Night Light’s Zach Gilford, and more

New York Magazine
Paul McCartney Rocks Like It’s 1969, June 2007

In Which We Fail to Pose With Cardboard Cutouts of Simon LeBon, June 2007

Terry McMillan Reminds You That Her Ex-Husband Is the One Ruining Her Reputation, April 2007

Al Gore, Larry King, HBO, and more

Condé Nast Portfolio
Winner Does Not Take All, April 2008
A fancy literary prize like this month’s Pulitzer can boost book sales. Or not.

The Escort Economy, March 2008
A back-of-the-pillowcase analysis of just how big the high-end call-girl business really is.

The Britney Economy, January 2008
A back-of-the-napkin calculation of just how much the scandal-plagued star is worth to the multitudes who make money off her.